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Answers to the most important questions concerning the African-German Youth Office can be found here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just give us a call or send an email.

AGYO - Frequently asked questions

What is the AGYO?

The African- German Youth Office (AGYO) promotes the exchange of young people between the ages of 16 and 30 from Germany, the countries of the African continent and, in triangular cooperation, also with other countries on the DAC-list. Each exchange explores at least one of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The AGYO’s activities are divided into two programme areas: Teams up! Youth Exchange for Sustainable Development and Team works! Young Expert Exchange for Sustainable Development. It provides the educational framework for activities on both programmes, helps with the organisation of exchanges and provides the lion’s share of the funding for them. The AGYO is part of Engagement Global and is financed by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

How can I get involved in the AGYO’s activities?

There are various ways to get involved. In Teams up!, for example, young people aged between 16 and 30 can work on projects with other young people and implementing organisations can conduct youth-group exchanges. In Team works!, young experts between the ages of 18 and 30, experienced experts from the Senior Expert Service (SES) and employers with assignment opportunities in Germany or Africa can participate. More detailed information can be found in the Frequently asked questions concerning the two different programmes.

FAQs on Team works! In Africa

FAQs on Team works! In Germany

Do I have to be a German citizen or a citizen of an African country to be able to participate?

If you want to participate in Teams up! with a youth group from Germany or volunteer in an African country with Team works!, a valid residence permit or proof that your long-term place of residence is in Germany is sufficient.

To participate in the exchange programmes in Germany, you need to be a citizen of or resident in an African country.

If you have a nationality from another country on the DAC list, you can take part in an exchange project within the framework of a triangular cooperation and travel to Germany and to an African country.

Can I take part in the AGYO programmes if I have a disability or impairment?

Yes! Contact us for advice on inclusive partner/implementing organisations and enterprises:

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In which countries does the AGYO operate?

The AGYO strives for exchange through encounters between Germany and all countries on the African continent, as well as in triangular cooperation with other countries on the DAC list. We do not exclude any countries that have a safe security situation and are not the subject of travel warnings issues by the German Federal Foreign Office. Teams up! participants go on assignment in Germany or the African partner organisation’s country. The Team works! destinations are countries in which our partner, the Senior Expert Service (SES), operates. SES expert assignments are always on a voluntary basis, in the country concerned and only by request.

What partners does the AGYO work with?

We are keen to work with as wide a range as possible of civil society organisations in Germany and Africa. Examples include cultural associations, sports clubs, environmental groups, church-based institutions, development organisations and independent youth work organisations. In Teams up!, we particularly rely on the support of our strategic partner, the Federal Association of Cultural Youth Education (BKJ). In Team works!, enterprises and organisations from all sectors are welcome. The prerequisite for participation is that our partner, the Senior Expert Service (SES), must have a qualified expert to accompany our young expert on their assignment.

How can my enterprise/organisation/institution/education centre get involved in the AGYO’s activities?

Easy - contact us and we’ll work out together which of our two programmes - Teams up! or Team works! - is the best one for you to get involved in.

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How do you ensure the security situation in the partner country is safe?

All AGYO projects are only carried out in countries where the participants’ safety is ensured. The travel advice issued by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office (“Auswärtiges Amt”) applies. In addition, the partner organisations and places of assignment are there to support our participants during their time abroad.

What preparation do I receive for my exchange?

In Teams up!, the implementing organisation is responsible for the educational preparation and follow-up activities and for organisational support before and during the youth exchange visits.

In Team works!, the Senior Expert Service (SES) has operational responsibility. They select the experts for each tandem team and organise and facilitate an opportunity for them to get to know each other. In Team works! in Africa, there is an online seminar to provide training and discuss further details. During the preparatory phase for Team works! in Germany, the team and the host enterprise develop specific ideas aimed at ensuring the collaboration is a success. Various online preparation modules are also offered, dealing with intercultural aspects and language.

Can I get help with the visa application process?

All participants on AGYO projects need a valid visa for the duration of their stay in the partner country. Information on current visa rules can be obtained from the countries’ embassies and consulates. Where needed, the AGYO can provide support to help with the application process.

Do I need to have a school-leaving qualification or work experience in order to participate?

Participants in Teams up! do not need a school-leaving qualification or any work experience. For more information, take a look here:

About Teams up!

To take part in Team works!, you have to be aged between 18 and 30 and be at the end of your training or beginning of your working life. More specifically, from your third year of training or have initial work experience of relevance to the assignment in question. For more information, take a look here:

About Team works!

Which of the two programmes is the right one for me?

Are you aged between 16 and 30? Would you like to work on a project in a team with other young people from an African country and Germany to promote sustainable development and one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Then Teams up! is perfect for you. You can find more information here:

About Teams up!

If you are between 18 and 30 years of age, at the end of your training or beginning of your working life and would like to volunteer in your area of professional expertise, come to Team works! You can find out about assignment opportunities and everything else you need to know about our expert exchanges with Team works! here:

About Team works!

How can I apply?

For Teams up!, you can apply with a youth group via a non-profit German implementing organisation. The German implementing organisation is responsible for the project and you implement it together. For more information, take a look here:

About Teams up!

If you are a young expert looking to apply for Team works!, you can register direct. Furthermore, young African experts are nominated by our partner, SES.

To the application form for internships in Africa

To the application form for internships in Germany

Where can I get more advice?

The AGYO team will be happy to answer any general questions you have about the AGYO:

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If you have specific questions about the two programmes, there are designated advisors you can contact. For Teams up!:

Getting in touch

For Team works!:

Getting in touch

How can I continue my involvement after my exchange?

If you like, you can link up with other returnees - the AGYO team will be happy to help. But there are also lots of ways that you can play an active role in development and society. If you want to ask us something, feel free to use the contact form or contact Engagement Global’s Advisory and Networking Office for Development Activities for more detailed advice.

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