“I would advise young people to also try to get engaged in other extracurricular activities that will widen their horizons.”

29-year-old Erica is an electrical engineer and lives in Ghana. She was able to gain new professional experience in the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems at Sunnycontrol in Bottrop. Here she talks about her impressions.

Das Interview

Hello Erica, in which company did you complete your internship? What were your main activities?

My internship took place at SunnyControl Photovoltaic in Bottrop. Amongst my main responsibilities were servicing and maintaining solar panels, taking them down, keeping track of them, and replacing blown fuses in fuse boxes.

What did you learn during your internship, whether from your colleagues, supervisors or independently? And, which of your skills were you able to pass on?

I learnt how to maintain and fix solar panels as well as to take some precautions while working and which things to consider when removing solar panels. Besides, I also learnt about working in a multicultural atmosphere and how to express my opinions while doing my job.

I was able to introduce the idea of solar-powered electric automobiles to my boss.

Erica is kneeling on a roof with many solar panels. Her gaze is directed at her hands, because she is using a cordless screwdriver.
Erica does some maintenance work on solar panels on a roof in Gladbeck.

Why did you choose Team works! and the AGYO?

I chose Team works! and the AGYO because I think they are both excellent venues for youth activism. They allow and provide space for the young to also express their opinions and views on sustainable development goals, which happen to be a global concern. It is a fantastic platform for learning, developing skills, and obtaining experience.

What surprised you the most?

The recycling alternatives and waste management systems, which in a roundabout way provide locals with some form of revenue, caught me off guard the most.

What are the advantages of forming a tandem with a SES Expert?

Together, you may learn a great deal about field work and receive first-hand experience thanks to their experiences in the workplace.

The former Minister Dr. Gerd Müller of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and another male person observe Erica who is holding a microphone and talks to them.
Erica meets the former Minister Dr. Gerd Müller on the “Day of Encounters” at the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

What advice would you give to other young people who are interested in doing an internship in Germany?

I would advise young people to commit to studying and contributing where appropriate during their internship and try also to get engaged in other extracurricular activities that will widen their horizons.

Name three things or experiences that you take away from your internship:

  1. The use of wind power to create alternative energy sources by effectively utilizing the wind.

  2. The honor of meeting the minister [Dr. Gerd Müller, predecessor of Svenja Schulze, BMZ] and discussing my thoughts on the SDGs.

  3. Establishing close ties outside of work and solid professional relationships.

What won’t you forget?

It was a tremendously life-changing experience. Particularly, I will never forget offering to assist my boss, Mr. Friedhelm Ochmann, during his music classes with the elderly patients at the rehabilitation facilities.

Erice sits on a sofa with a guitar in her hands. She smiles at the camera.
Erica is playing a guitar.

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