“You can learn to think globally”

Tamryn Iyer from Durban, South Africa, is a marketing expert. She talked to us about her work, training, meeting people from other countries and the advantages of exploring other cultures. Tamryn’s mother is an SES representative.

Tamryn Iyer

Tamryn Iyer, *1996, Durban, South Africa. Studied Social Science at Rhodes University and acquired marketing skills through independent study. Currently working self-employed for Impact17, a start-up that harnesses social media as a tool for empowerment and social change.

The interview

Tamryn, what is your field of expertise?

I build brands for a living. I help all the way from your small businesses, your little aunty down the street making yam to your large chemical companies in South Africa. I studied social sciences at university: politics and sociology. I learned branding, marketing and advertising by myself, e.g. through online courses.

Which countries have you already been to?

Quite a few. My parents were able to send me overseas several times and later I had the money to travel myself.

I had these opportunities but others don’t have the opportunity to gain international experience and that’s why I’m so passionate about this programme. You can learn to think globally.

What aspect of a Team works! assignment in Germany with the AGYO would interest you most?

I think it’s that strong entrepreneurship culture that Germany has. From small family businesses to multinationals. For me it’s all about business skills and business ethics. I really want to learn more about how businesses operate. How do you go from being a small business to being big? If I can learn from German businessmen and women, young and old, I can teach that to the people here. I don’t want to sit in a lecture room listening to lectures. Exchanging ideas and discussing things is more impactful, in my opinion.

What would you really want to ask your colleagues during your assignment in Germany?

Like, “What keeps you doing what you do every day?” “Why do you get up and go to work every day?“ “What is your motivation?” “Where do you want to go?” “Do you enjoy what you do?” Philosophical questions more about business.

If we can know each other, dance with each other, eat with each other, I think there would be so much less tension in the world.

Do you have any fears or worries when you think about your assignment in Germany?

I don’t eat pork. I know that in Germany everything is pork. The accommodation question would be my only concern. And I need WIFI.

The AGYO seeks to promote networking between Germany and countries on the African continent. Why is this important to you?

If we can be friends and understand each other – we don’t have to agree on everything – but if we could see the humanity that we share, a lot would change.

The more you are friends with people from other countries, the less you fear them and the less you idealise them. If you can understand people, interculturally, you can work with them. If we can know each other, dance with each other, eat with each other, I think there would be so much less tension in the world.

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