Giving notification of changes

Notification must be given of any change to the project as compared to the application originally submitted.

In the case of changes that have a significant impact on

  • the structure of the project, e.g. cancellation of seminars,
  • shortened duration of exchange visits, altered project duration,
  • the total funding specified in the expenditure and financing plan, e.g. due to additional third-party funding or cost-cutting measures,

a change request must be made.

The contact persons at Teams up! will assess whether a change request must be submitted or whether a notification is sufficient, after consultation.

All change requests must be received at least six weeks before the end of the project but no later than 1 November of the year concerned.

Making a change request

  1. Before a change request can be submitted on paper, Engagement Global first examines each individual case to decide how to proceed.
  2. Electronic submission of the application to:

    and postal submission of the application to Engagement Global gGmbH, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 40, 53113 Bonn, Germany

  3. Formal, substantive and financial review of the application by Engagement Global. If necessary, follow-up questions on the amendment and digital revision.

  4. It must then be approved by Engagement Global.

  5. If necessary, a change agreement is then concluded.