Giving notification of changes

Notification must be given of any change to the project as compared to the application originally submitted.

In the case of changes that have a significant impact on

  • the structure of the project, e.g. cancellation of seminars,
  • shortened duration of exchange visits, altered project duration,
  • the total funding specified in the expenditure and financing plan, e.g. due to additional third-party funding or cost-cutting measures,

a change request must be made.

Making a change request

  1. Before a change request can be submitted on paper, Engagement Global first examines each individual case to decide how to proceed.
  2. To this end, the request must first be sent in digital form to:
  3. Once it has been reviewed, it must be submitted by post, with the original signatures of the project partners.
  4. It must then be approved by Engagement Global.
  5. If necessary, a change agreement is then concluded.