Security and visa matters

In-person exchange projects with Teams up! can only be carried out in countries where the participants’ safety is guaranteed. The travel warnings issued by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office (“Auswärtiges Amt”) also apply. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the advice of the Robert Koch Institute must also be followed. All participants on development-related youth exchanges need a valid visa in order to enter the countries taking part in the project.

Current security warnings

Since many of the Teams up! partner countries are subject to travel and/or entry restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the possibilities for implementing in-person visits under the programme are currently very limited. If you are planning projects, please make sure you first contact your supervisor at the Teams up! team and consult the chcklist of resumption of in-person visits. Please be aware that it is also possible to conduct visits on a completely virtual basis, in consultation with Engagement Global, if in-person visits cannot take place due to security alerts or the pandemic situation, for instance.

Checklist for resumption of in-person visits

You can read the latest international travel and security guidance on the Federal Foreign Office website:

To the Federal Foreign Office website