New application deadlines for Teams Up! Projects

From 2022 onwards, new deadlines will apply to all organisations applying to Teams up!: From 01.01.2022 onwards, there will only be three annual application deadlines for project applications. Moreover, the deadlines will no longer be differentiated according to the amount of the funding. All member organisations have been informed by e-mail.

This replaces the previously valid regulation of four deadlines per year as of January 1st, 2022. In addition, the deadlines will no longer be differentiated according to the amount of the funding. For first-time applicants, however, it still applies that the total expenditure may not exceed 50,000 euros.

The new application deadlines at a glance

Start of the project Application deadline
01.04. 31.12. of the previous year
01.10. 01.06. of the same year
01.01. 30.09. of the previous year

From next year onwards, the next application deadline will be 01.06.2022 with an earliest possible start date of 01.10.2022. The application process is going to take place in a multi-stage process from 2022 and will be supported by digital advisory events.

Information Events on the application process

These events will be offered digitally on a regular basis for all interested parties with appropriate advance notice before the deadline. We are going to discuss recurring questions before the submission of a first application and you will have the opportunity to ask any further questions you might have. The next meeting will take place on 10.02.2022. Further information on the registration will follow shortly on our website.

Compulsory submission of a short outline

This document (max. 1 DIN A4 page) will have a brief description of the content of the project, the SDG reference and the existing partnership as well as naming the rough total application amount and financing of own funds per year in the lead up to an application deadline.

A template form will be available on our website shortly.

The short concept can be submitted at any time, but no later than 8 weeks before the next application deadline. After reviewing your concept, we will give you binding advice by telephone in the lead up to the next application deadline. This will give you an early indication as to whether a project will be eligible for funding and which points of the application you still need to work on. The submission of the outline concept can take place at the same time as the assessment of implementing organisations (Trägerprüfung). This gives you the opportunity to have your project ideas checked for eligibility before the non-profit character, legal form and credit worthiness is examined.

All the filling-in aids for the relevant forms are available in several languages in our document centre.

Regular Application Process

A regular application with a detailed programme schedule and financing plan as well as a pedagogical concept must be submitted by the deadlines stated above. You can find our form templates as usual on our website.

You will find the new regulations presented in this news release on our website from the beginning of January 2022.

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