One world. 17 goals

In September 2015, the 193 member states of the United Nations voted unanimously to adopt the 2030 Agenda. At its core are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which are designed to address economic, ecological and social aspects and which apply equally to all countries in the world. To achieve them by 2030 everyone will have to get involved - governments, industry, the scientific community, civil society and each and every one of us. The AGYO is also seeking to make a contribution by helping young people in Germany and African countries play their part in the implementation of the 17 goals.

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The 2030 Agenda

The preamble to the 2030 Agenda defines five “areas of critical importance”, also known as the “5 Ps”:

  1. People
  2. Planet
  3. Prosperity
  4. Peace
  5. Partnership

All of the SDG relate to one or more of these areas. The international community is thus in agreement that people can only live a dignified life if we provide permanent protection for our natural resources, promote prosperity for all, live in peaceful co-existence and create global partnerships. The 17 goals are based on this idea. They range from “zero hunger” to “quality education” and from “good health and well-being” to “responsible consumption and production” aimed at protecting our environment and Earth’s resources.

The 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda

Progress measurement

What is clear is that we can only achieve these 17 goals by working together. Sustainability is a task for the global community and every country has made a commitment to help ensure it is tackled successfully. In Germany, for instance, the Federal Government has drawn up a National Sustainable Development Strategy that describes exactly what action Germany wants and needs to take. Every two years, the country’s Federal Statistical Office publishes a report that details precisely the progress Germany has made and where we need to step up our efforts considerably.

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Further facts

Here are some places where you can find more information about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and ways in which you can get involved:

17 goals - it’s up to you

The way we live and run our economies has direct consequences - for ourselves, others and future generations. Only by working together can we achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and a better world for all. What you do counts.

The 2030 Agenda and German development cooperation

The website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) describes the 17 goals and gives an assessment of the progress made so far from Germany’s perspective.