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Working together for sustainable development

The best chance for our two continents to ensure sustainable development is to work together as partners. We can only overcome the challenges facing our world by engaging in a concerted effort on an equal footing. Citizens’ personal relationships and community relationships will be crucial in this.

Based on the age structure of its population, Africa is by far the youngest continent in the world - around 60% of the people who live there are younger than 25. Nurturing the young generation offers huge potential in terms of ideas and innovation. And that’s even more true if we promote dialogue and bring together young people from African countries and Germany.

It is for these reasons that the African-German Youth Office (AGYO) sets out to help young people from both continents to take joint action to promote sustainable social, economic and ecological development. Through our Teams up! programme, we bring together youth groups from Germany and African countries. The Team works! programme gives young experts the opportunity to undertake an assignment in Germany or Africa. With these two programmes, the AGYO has created a platform for shared learning and action. As they engage with their neighbouring continent and the people who live there, the young people gather experience, discover new perspectives and forge contacts – all of which gives them a stronger basis from which to get actively involved in sustainable development.

Joint commitment to sustainable social, economic and ecological development

A strong partnership through a broad network

The diversity and commitment of civil society stakeholders bring added value for our countries and for our cross-continental ties. The AGYO establishes the necessary structures by approaching both youth work institutions and employers from the corporate and welfare sectors and bringing them together under one roof. All of the stakeholders are united by a common goal: to contribute to the implementation of the “global contract for the future” – the 2030 Agenda. This is why each exchange project deals with at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, for example, access to education, avoidance of waste or responsible consumption. There are plenty of places where action can be taken – both in the participants’ own country and the neighbouring continent, in everyday life, school or at work.

Objectives of the AGYO

Partnership in action

We connect the two continents’ civil societies – young people and non-profit organisations and enterprises alike. Their collaboration towards a common goal creates bonds between people and strengthens cooperation and partnership between institutions in the long term.

Global learning

The virtual meetings, in-person visits and joint activities provide a hands-on understanding of global interrelationships and the options for individual and collective action. The young people develop an awareness of global sustainability issues and champion them among their family and friends and at the workplace.

Continued involvement

Participants in AGYO programmes learn that each and every individual can have an impact. This experience and the new friendships and contacts they forge motivate them to continue their involvement. We support post-exchange involvement through active alumni and networking activities and information about further funding possibilities.

Diverse and strong: our network of partners

The AGYO exchange projects are implemented by a broad network of civil society and business players with various backgrounds, areas of expertise and perspectives:

  • civil-society providers of non-formal education, for example sports clubs, cultural institutions, religious groups and environmental/climate action groups;
  • facilitators such as teachers from secondary schools and vocational colleges;
  • experienced experts from the Senior Expert Service (SES), who mentor young colleagues as part of a tandem team; and
  • employers or trainers in enterprises, businesses and cultural or welfare organisations.

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